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Hey everyone.

A while back, around the beginning of the summer, I told you I'd be working on a student animation project with a bunch of friends from college. While that is still true, I decided after creating it that my second animation-project-only blog wasn't worth it while I already have this one and the main communal one for the project. So in case anyone was checking my personal animation blog (probably not, I realize) I just wanted to let you know that if you are curious about the project, just go to the Animation Procreation main blog. My stuff is on there. As of right now, I am the most recent contributor. The one about the little vampires.

I'll be back probably this evening with more school projects, and possibly another PB and Jane episode. But I just wanted to let everyone know about the blog. Check it out, it's pretty darn cool.
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It's been quite a while since I posted anything from school, but I've got to get it all out of the way before I go back to school and have even more to update on. So this entry will be of my second-to-last looming project, and my most ambitious project for the class. It took me positively forever, and when you see the pictures you'll see why, just because of the scale of the thing. But before I show pictures I guess I should explain about the technique I used.

The technique is called overshot. This means that on the warp there is one weft that is just done in plain weave (alternating over and under), while there is another thicker weft yarn that is used to create a bold geometric pattern. Our professor explained that early American settlers used this technique to make blankets to keep warm in the winter, because two wefts made the blankets more secure and warmer than one weft alone. So I got the bright idea in my head that I was going to make a blanket using a big bold pattern like the early settlers, and I was going to give it to my sister. The sister part was fine, it was the blanket part that nearly killed me. The process, because of the size of it and the complicated pattern and all, just took so freaking long. But in the end, I think I liked it the best out of all my projects for that class.

whole blanketCollapse )

left side detailCollapse )

right side detailCollapse )

fringe detailCollapse )

blanket on couchCollapse )

Well, I hope you liked this project. My sister likes it-- she keeps it at her office and it helps her to not freeze in the extreme air conditioning... which I suppose proves the early settlers right. Only when they made their blankets, they didn't have three other studio classes and two other academic classes to worry about. They were only foraging for food and fending off bears and trying to survive from day to day. So I think they had it a bit easier than I did.
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Back again with more of our lovable edible buddies PB, Jane, and the whole gang. This is the eighth installment since the beginning of the series, and as you remember from my previous post, PB has gone to seek out Saucey, the lover who spurned him for another. In this episode, he finds her.

PB tries againCollapse )

What will happen with PB and Saucey? Where is Fluff? Who will Jane make snarky comments to in PB's absence? Is there another character on the horizon? (I can answer that one. Yes, yes there is.) Find out next time with the Sort-of-Adventures of PB and Jane.
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Oh my Gosh, she's still alive!

I looked at my homepage and it told me that I haven't updated in nine weeks. Well, I'm here to remedy that. You see, right around the last time I updated, I started taking more photos and doing more little projects to post, but first my job got in the way... and then (some of you, probably most of you, already know this) my mom was suddenly hospitalized and needed surgery. She is at home now after spending almost three weeks total in the hospital. Now I have the time again while at home looking after her to update once again. So I'm back with the rest of my school projects-- looming, CommDesign-- along with new projects -- more PB and Jane, and stuff for the animation short project my friends and I are working on.

So this entry is the first of many updates bringin' back our good friends PB and Jane. (And Fluff, and Saucey, and some more characters.) You may remember our heroes from my last entry...

And now they're back! When we last left these guys, the fickle Saucey had left the dejected PB. In this installment, he's decided to do something about it. Enjoy!

PB's planCollapse )

I don't know how regularly these updates will come... but keep an eye out for more of PB and Jane, as well as my other work. I promise I'll be updating more often.
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Back again with another painting update.

For our final painting, our professor asked us to look at our body of work so far, and pick something that would be a good culminating piece, combining elements from our other paintings with things that we hadn't yet tried in a painting. I decided to do a self-portrait focusing in on my eyes... not really because I was taking the rest of my body of work into consideration, but mostly just because I wanted to do it. And after my last really large painting, I wanted to do something small. So this self-portrait is 11x20 inches.

final paintingCollapse )

So that's it for Intro Painting. I will not miss this class. But I hope these paintings were at least somewhat nice to look at.

In the next few days, look out for more weaving work and CommDesign projects.
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Hi again everyone!

Well, I'm home for the summer, and a couple of my goals for the summer have to do with this LJ. One, to bring back the hilarious and well-loved PB and Jane cartoon strip and make it a strip that I update here twice weekly. So watch out for those guys comin' back. Secondly, and more importantly, I am going to make sure that all of the work I did second semester ends up on here over the course of the summer. So it's time to start on that specific goal right now.

This is the third out of four paintings that I did for my Intro Painting class. We were supposed to do a painting involving light, and that's basically anything you want since light has to be a part of every painting (otherwise, how would we see to paint?) so I thought the assignment was kind of dumb in that regard. But the other thing that made this particular project annoying was that it had to be at least 36 inches either length- or width-wise. I made mine a square, just to be sure, 39 inches by 39 inches. And we also weren't allowed to use photographic references, which made it even harder because you had to make sure that everything stayed perfect from week to week. But enough of my complaining. Onto the painting itself.

light paintingCollapse )

So that was a lot of explaining and complaining for one painting. I promise, my next and final painting is a lot better. I'll probably update with that tonight, so stay tuned.
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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that I have a new blog specifically for an animation short that I will be working on over the summer and into next school year with some art buddies o' mine. If you want to stay in touch with what's going on there, make sure to check out...

The group page:

And my personal page:

Nothing much is up yet, but over the next few months I feel like it'll develop really well. I'm really excited about it, so you should be too!
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Hi again everyone!

Well, my mom loves her scarf, so that was a great success. And I'm here now to update with the project of which I am the most proud so far. This is my painted warp project.

What I mean by painted warp is, we took white yarn (in this case, a silk-like yarn called tencel) and dyed it with fiber-reactant dyes. We painted on the dye on with foam brushes so that we could get the exact coloring and patterning that we wanted. I chose the whitest yarn available (there were three options, and tencel was the purest white) and dyed it with the highest concentration of color in the dye and water solution. What came out was the most brilliantly-colored warp fiber I had ever seen, and I was really really excited to make it into a scarf. And right now I will show you how that scarf turned out.

the scarfCollapse )

fringesCollapse )

progressionCollapse )

me and my scarfCollapse )

Well, I must say, I wore this scarf around today and got many compliments. And I'm quite happy with it. So I hope you are too.
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Hello again!

So this week I've finished two scarves (yay!) but this post is just for one of them. This one is for the scarf I made for my mom as a belated birthday gift.

I had some trouble with this scarf because the blue yarn I used (as you will see in the photos) wasn't really strong enough to be a warp so the strings kept breaking as I applied tension. So this scarf took a while to get off the ground. But in the end, it came out really well-- I'm actually surprised how well it did come out in the end because of all the trouble it gave me. So without further ado...

Mom's scarfCollapse )

scarf detailCollapse )

fringe detailCollapse )

So I hope you liked it, and more importantly I hope Mom likes it. I guess I'll find out soon when she sees these pictures.

I'll be back tomorrow (or later today) to update on my latest scarf. See you then!
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This was our second project for the semester. For this project, the object was to create different patterns (stripes, diamonds, snowflake-and-flower-like things) using a different tie-up (how the shafts are tied to the pedals) than we did for our last project. So we were to experiment for about a yard to find our ideal combination of patterns, and then repeat that pattern over and over again on the rest of the warp, which was to be about three yards.

We were supposed to find source material, which basically just means pictures that have colors in them that we like, to use as a reference for this warp. I chose a picture of a leaf from National Geographic that was all different greens and browns, with a bit of a yellow highlight. I chose this because Liz loves green, and I wanted to make this scarf for Liz (my roomie, for those of you who don't know).

So I've broken this entry up into a few cuts. The first one is all my experimentation. The second one is the scarf itself. And the third is some details from the scarf. With, of course, my commentary to go along with all of them. Enjoy!

experimentsCollapse )

Liz's scarfCollapse )

detailsCollapse )

I hope you liked this as much as Liz did. I'll be sure to update again with my next weaving project once it's finished, which will probably be sometime next weekend. See you then.
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